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  • Every time I would take a new class or program at my local gym I would find myself injured at some point. I have a strong desire to stay in shape but don't have the time to get the gym as often as I would like, therefore I need to maximize my time and results without risking injury. Origin Fitness has taught me about the need to focus on my weaknesses and strengthen my foundation rather than just hitting the machines and hoping for the best. John P. , Small Business Owner, Age 52
  • I've never been a 'gym' person but in my mid-thirties I started to have low back pain. By the time I was 40 I was having pain every day that kept me from sleeping well and living a normal life. The problem spiraled out of control and I was ordered to have physical therapy by my physician. The therapy helped somewhat but never addressed the real problem. The trainers at Origin Fitness made me aware of just how much sitting all day was creating weakness in my core and resulting in back pain. They have developed a program for me that ensures I never again have to deal with debilitating pain. I can once again sleep at night...thank you Origin Fitness! Jason , Insurance Broker, Age 43
  • This place is awesome! Most gyms are dirty, smell funny, and don't really care if you show up or not. The integrated staff at Origin Fitness is really different. I was struggling with losing weight for almost 10 years. I had tried every diet and every workout program I could find. The weight continued to climb instead of drop. It wasn't until I found the integrated approach at Origin Fitness with a properly tailored training program and dietary advice from Dr. Bowman that I was able to start feeling comfortable with my body again. I love that summer is coming and I can be confident at the beach! 'Jenn' , Analyst, Age 32
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Gone are the days of using a caliper and scale to measure your current physical state. We use a combination of simple exercises and Functional Movement Screening (FMS) to help us determine each individual’s quality of movement.


At Origin Fitness we understand that not all fitness needs are the same. We strive to meet each individual’s unique abilities and goals. Therefore, we offer a diverse range of options to ensure your needs will be met.


($600 value for $299) For 30 days you get to experience the very best in functional equipment, small group classes, individual training and more in a beautiful, upscale environment in downtown Stamford.

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About Origin Fitness

Origin Fitness came about from the idea that movement is fundamental for all human beings.  Indeed, in an age where we have become increasingly sedentary, 'Movement is Medicine.'  We need to move our bodies, our muscles, and our tissues in order to thrive.  We simply weren't made to be stationary; sitting hour after hour, day after day.  Thus, our desire to help people get back to the 'Origin' of health and fitness by safely incorporating movement patterns back into their lives. read more>> Book your meeting at Origin Fitness